Research and Development:
All members of the R&D Team use the character name Snowfox when testing unreleased materials or content.

The original Snowfox and founder of Foxline. X is the lead programmer of The Dark Syndicate. He was responsible for exposing Broomop and coding things others said were impossible.
Versions Played: Dreamcast v1/2, Xbox, Blue Burst, PSU 360
Characters: Snowfox, Snowfox00x, <<Snowfox>>, >>Snowfox<<
Contact: Aim- Snowfox00x XBL- Permanently banned from all Microsoft services

The second Snowfox. Zero was the one who developed codes that targeted other cheaters. He was responsible for taking down members of GUk, Dj Dubz, and other players trying to cause harm to legit game play.
Versions Played: Dreamcast v1/2, Gamecube,  Xbox, Blue Burst, PSU 360
Characters: Snowfox Zero,<<Snowfox>>, Zero, Yugi
Contact: XBL- Snowfox Zero

Flaw joined the team in 2004 and was the original beta tester for the NPC patch. Flaw was one of the forum Administrators appointed in 2005.
Versions Played: Xbox, PSU 360
Characters: Flaw, Flawed, <<Snowfox>>
Contact: Aim- DEaTH ZeRo WinG

Insidious joined the team at the same time as Flaw. He was promoted to administrator in late 2004 and helped redesign the new forum which was shut down in late 2005.
Versions Played: Xbox, PC,
Characters: Insidious, Monke, <<Snowfox>>
Contact: Aim- insidiousmonkah

Shrader became part of the R&D Team on Blue Burst but was with our staff as a forum moderator since 2004.
Versions Played: Dreamcast v2, Xbox, PSU 360
Characters: Shrader, boxer, Will, <<Snowfox>>

- A N T I -
Anti was part of Foxline and has always been part of R&D even before the team existed.
Versions Played: Dreamcast v1/v2, Gamecube,  Xbox
Characters: - A N T I -, CK-D082, <<Snowfox>>

Website Function:

Gouken was the #2 forum administrator and helped keep the site alive when it forced closure. He is the only member of The Dark Syndicate to never play a modified version of Phantasy Star, but is no less important than anyone else.
Versions Played: Dreamcast, Xbox, PSU 360
Characters: AssimX
Contact: Aim- assimxgouken

Shadow Ninja Yagyu
He was a forum moderator in 05 and a great modder, but was never part of our R&D Team.
Versions Played: Xbox
Characters: ShadowNinja
Contact: Aim- ShadowNinjaYagyu

Oreos N Milk
He served as a forum moderator in 05 and assisted in website tasks.
Versions Played: Blue Burst
Characters: Cookies

Shadow Soul 00x
Maintains website tasks, contributes content
Versions Played: Dreamcast, Xbox
Characters: Shadow00x
Contact: Email-

*Members of the R&D Team also assist in website tasks and function


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