Question and Answer

Q: Why has The Dark Syndicate Switched to a more legitimate site?
A: It has been our goal for some time, Zero finally made the push to have it done.

Q: Has Sega or Microsoft threatened any members of the site?
A: Absolutely not. Changing the site was our choice, and there was no legal pressure.

Q: Will anyone on this site work on an Xbox private server?
A: No, programming the Xbox to bypass Xbox Live would be a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Even without the Xbox Live program, getting PSO to connect to a private server would still violate The DMCA

Q: Does this mean Schtserv violates the DMCA?
A: Yes, but end users can not be held liable or responsible for using it. You can not get in trouble for playing on his server.

Q: Is The Dark Syndicate A clan?
A: No. Nope. Never.

Q: Can I play PSU with one of you guys?
A: Unfortunately we can not give out our PSU names or information. Sega recently banned a member of our site who had never modified the game and we would rather not risk another incident.

Q: Are you guys trying to protect Sega by not releasing content?
A: F*** No. If PSU content for the 360 was released it would hurt the players and the game we all love. It would hurt them far more than it would hurt Sega.

Q: Will the new site help any staff members situations with Sega?
A: It is doubtful, and we don't expect it to. They run the game with their rules whether we disagree or not everyone has to follow them, including us.

Q: How do we know you guys won't change your minds?
A: You don't. But we do. The decision is final. We had to let go of 4 of our trusted staff members who disagreed because of it. No worries though, they do not have the ability to modify the game.

Q: I think I saw a youtube video of Snowfox, where is it?
A: This was uploaded by one of the members we had to let go. It is under his account, if you want to see it we suggest you take it up with him.

Q: I saw someone claiming to be a hacker, what do I do?
A: Don't panic, file a support ticket to Sega, you can find the link on our navigation bar on the left. Be sure to include all the information you can. Please do not contact us first. You can submit your information to us after you have contacted Sega. The Dark Syndicate is not your personal weapon. Do not submit fake claims to us if you simply do not like someone. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Q: Is Sega really banning characters named Snowfox?
A: We don't know. There is at least 1 case of a legit Snowfox being banned but he is one of ours.

Q: Why did you guys remove the Blue Burst Content?
A: We only supported Blue Burst during the Beta. There is no reason for you to cheat on private servers designated for cheating. If you run your own server and would like it to be a modding server, please contact us with your information and we will provide you with personal use files. You must prove your intention and that you own the server before any files are sent to you.

Q: I don't think what Sega has done to your members is right, what can I do?
A: You can voice your opinion on the Sega forum or contact them via a support ticket. Be warned, most Snowfox or TDS threads get deleted immediately. Please do not get yourself in trouble with them.

Q: Are you turning on other Phantasy Star Hackers?
A: Of course not. We believe in modding, but only for personal gain or experience, not to effect the gameplay of others. We are only against those trying to ruin the game for others.

Q: What if someone else mods the game for destructive purposes and releases it?
A: It's been 4 years. You can't liv eon what-ifs. This site has been watching from the shadows since then doing our best to keep it this way. If something happens we will contact Sega, if they are willing to accept our help, we will offer it for free without gain or benefit.

Q: Did I hear you offered to help Sega before and it didn't work?
A: Yes. Ignorance ruined a possible standing relationship with Sega. However, the PSU community is ran by Edward, who seems to be a good dude. Zero vouched for him. Feel free to blame him if he turns out to be a prick.

Q: What happened to your forums? Didn't they have 50,000 members?
A: Yes, Foxline gained just about 50,000 users in 4 years. We aren't conceited. Only 7,000 members were active. We can assume the rest were inactive lurkers, multiple user accounts, or spam bots. When The Dark Syndicate reopened we reached 4,200 members. It was a hard decision to shut down the forums back in 2005 but we saw no other option.

Q: Which one of you is the real Snowfox?
A: The name has grown beyond the limitations of a single person. It's become a symbol and an idea. A man can fail whereas ideas are bulletproof. (Yeah we just jacked the legit peoples V for vendetta quotes. They jacked our Snowfox Lives phrase) but X will still argue to the end that he's the true Snowfox.

Q: Where did the line "Snowfox Lives" come from?
A: It started when a member of the R&D Team was banned. He came back on an unnamed character and said that in the lobby and it stuck. A fan of ours imitated Clumsyorchids character and went around saying this line. We thought it was so funny we asked him for screen shots. The line is used today by people who support our cause as well as a legit group trying to support fair gaming.


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