Here are the updates from last night’s maintenance.

7/24 (Wed) 19:25 update
Scratch information
New AC scratch “Heroes Summer Beach” appearance!
Check the main menu> AC menu> scratch!

Update information
Extreme quest: the “ultimate training and dragon forest”,
Add 41-50 stage!
• Distributes the first chapter of “EPISODE2” story quest!

Event Information
Boost event information “2013/7/24 ~ 7/30”
+50% Magnification of (gold) Rare drop the 26th July!
+200 Percent (month) acquisition Meseta July 29!
+50% (The fire) acquisition experience July 30!
In addition, between the 7th of August (Wednesday) 11:00, rare drop rate to appear in the “chaos that break the boundaries” limited time quest of “Cougar NX” will also boost!

Screenshots post event “ARCS Museum” fierce fight “” holding!
Let’s post and place it in a screen shot a fight with the boss. We are looking forward to your contribution of a lot!

· 16th client order campaign
※ period: 7/31 (Wednesday)
Target order: client orders “Ravu~eru” “Black Slaughter · I”, “eraser Report · I”

– “Code: EPISODE2 start Memorial three major campaign” holding!
“Character creation and level-up campaign,” “Item Get! Campaign with the AC” “Item Get! Campaign using FUN”
※ period: Until 8/6 (Tue) both of the above each campaign