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Episode 2 Is Here.

Last week Sega released Episode 2 to PSO2. It is comparable to the Dreamcast version’s Version 2 as it contains a new race, new class, new clothing, and new fields to play on.

On top of this it will introduce a new story and many new features to the game such as ARKS road which is somewhat of a tutorial based system guiding players throughout the features of the game.

PSO 2 Weekly Maintenance

PSO 2 will have regularly scheduled maintenance until  Wednesday 17:00 JST. Once the servers return online, you will need to reinstall the files for translation.

PSO 2 Game Update 8/8/2012

As of the latest official Phantasy Star Online 2 update, you must re-download the .rar file containing the English translated files. Using an older version of these will result in a game error. The most recent version is available for download on the patches / files page.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Japanese to English patch is finally here.

The translation files work with the current version of PSO2 and will translate most client side Japanese text to English

You can download it here

Site update

The English Translation Patch for PSO will not work on the Open Beta. However, they do use the same client, and if you have the closed beta loader you can use it to update to the open beta release.

A possible solution is being worked on for the translation but there is currently no ETA.

We have continued to leave cheating / Hacking information in the same page of the translators as the game is in beta stages still. When there is a final release the PSO 2 section will be cleaned up and subsidized.

Phantasy Star Universe for Xbox 360 shutting down

Sega announced earlier this month that the PSU Servers for the Xbox 360 will be closing their doors permanently September 7 2012. Players will continue to be billed for the remaining duration of active “service”.

PSO 2 Is Hackable

A cheating section has been added to the same page as the translators. I assume people will pick this up quick. When the game reaches retail release we will break up the sections but for now all Beta files will be located on the same page.




PS. In b4 script kiddies lol

PSO 2 Closed Beta Server Maintenance

Maintenance has begun and has started earlier and will last longer than usual. It will run from 9:00pm-3:00am PST or 12:00am-6:00am EST.

Sega is allowing additional invites into the Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta

Anyone who was selected to participate in the PSO2 beta is able to send up to 3 additional invites to friends.

To invite your friends visit the official Japanese PSO 2 page /cbtinvite.  If you are required to fill out a Katakana Capcha, you can either use a website with a symbol index, and copy paste the symbols, or use the japanese language bar.

The process for your guest signing up will be similar to that of the original beta sign up. If you’ve forgotten how to do this, please reference the stickied pso-world thread.

PSO2 Closed Beta has begun!

If anyone is looking for an in game translator it can be found here

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