Perfect Race / Beat your friends (Challenges)

For this to work, you will need a copy of Cheat Engine. If you don’t have it, it can be downloaded from:

Once cheat engine is installed some safety programs may detect it as a possible risk so it is best to disable them prior to use. The program is completely safe but is able to bury itself in hidden memory to bypass detection techniques of newer games so some programs mis-categorize it.

1. Once you have cheat engine open, open up your browser(Firefox is recommended and easiest)

2. Load Car-Town

3. Go into cheat engine, on the top right there is an icon to open processes(it’s the oldschool computer icon with a magnifying glass over it)

3. Select process list and find Plug-in Container.exe (there may be two, if you get the wrong one don’t worry about it, it won’t hurt anything)

4. Go to a practice race in cartown, finish the race, it doesn’t matter what you score as long as you don’t foul.

5. Once you have a score, go into Cheat Engine and select new scam and type in your score. You should see addresses populate the list on the left.

6. Click practice again, but don’t race. Your score will be 0, type 0 into cheat engine and “next search” This should narrow your address down and you can now modify your score.

7. Double click the adress(s) so you can now edit them below, change the value to whatever you want your score to be and freeze the address.

8. The value you just entered will be your score for every race until you exit/reload the app.

Note: Your score will be limited to your vehicle’s “perfect race score” meaning the chances of you beating a viper with a pinto are very unlikely. The more mods the car has, the higher your perfect score will be.

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Beat Opponent in The High Stakes Racing Track

This method is a little bit tricky since Cie Games has introduced mild server synchronization for it. Don’t worry though, race stats are still client side, they just go through an authorization at the end.

So what does this mean? If your score is higher than your car’s max perfect race output, you will get a synchronization error and your race will automatically be logged as a foul.

In order to beat the system in this one, you will need to be familiar with the Perfect Race Challenge(against friends) linked here:
I will also quote this at the bottom for you lazy people.

1. Open Cheat Engine and Car Town like you normally would

2a. You must be aware of your car’s max perfect race output. The easiest way to do this(if you’re using your fastest car) is to go into your stats, and check your race high score. Assuming you have used the Perfect Race Challenge method this should be your absolute max score on normal “race fuel”

2b. If you are using a slower car, go into a practice challenge, and try your best to get a “Perfect” Perfect points will deviate slightly from each other so it’s best to get a couple and see what your highest # is. From here, you will take this number and multiply it by four(4) This will be your max synchronization score. Remember it or write it down.

2c. Some car’s perfect race output are it’s performance # x 2. So if your skyline is 776 your perfect shift score would be 776 x 2. (x 4 shifts) This method isn’t true for all cars though, so go with 2b in most cases.

3. Now you’re ready to start placing bets and beating your opponents. Open up plug-in container through cheat engine and then navigate to the high stakes race track in car town.

4. Select a player you wish to race, then from here you have 3 options;
Practice race, Chance race, and Pause race. Please read the method in which you would like to learn.

Practice race
1. Go into practice, race and get your final output score

2. Search for this score in cheat engine

3. Click practice again so your score resets to 0.

4. Input “0” for your next scan value.

5. Double click the address bringing it down for editing. Change the value to your max score and freeze the address.

6. Click race this time instead of practice, your score should be what you entered.


Chance race
1. Select a race and do your best

2. In cheat engine, search for your final output score

3. Select to race another player

4. Once you are in the staging lane, search “0” for next scan.

5. Add the address for editing

6. Change the value to your maximum sync score and freeze the address.

7. Race and DO NOT FOUL

Pause race
1. Enable speed hack on cheat engine to a speed of .35 and press apply

2. Move the curser on the speed hack to 0 but do not press apply

3. Begin your race and do not foul, after your first shift quickly navigate to cheat engine and hit apply on speed hack. This should pause your race.

4. Quickly enter your current score in cheat engine.

5. set speedhack back to .35 and apply and shift again

6. Navigate back to cheat engine, scroll the bar to 0 and hit apply.

7. Type in your new current score for next scan.

8. Bring the address down and change the value to your maximum sync score and freeze the address.

9. Disable speed hack and finish your race.

Nitrous ratio is easy. It is 2 points per added horsepower x 4 shifts. A rule of thumb when using nitrous would be to add 600(150 x 4) to your max synchronization score. If you are using the 200 horsepower boost it would be 200 x 2(perfect score) x 4(shifts) = 1600 + your cars perfect score