This is a two part cheat that will enable you to slow down time and see way ahead.

To do this, you will need to be running on firefox as your main internet browser. Once you are on firefox you will need 2 programs. FireBug and Cheat Engine. Fire bug is a Firefox add on and will require that you restart your browser, so remember to save this page.


Cheat Engine:

–Once you have installed both of these programs continue below–
–If you cant figure this part out, or you are illiterate, skip to Part two—

Part One

First things first, go into Robot Unicorn Attack on Facebook. Disable sound if it annoys you, then come back to this page.

1) Make sure your bookmarks are enabled on your toolbar. If not click View>Toolbars>Bookmark Toolbar

2 )Once you see your tool bar at the top you are going to click an empty space and select “New Bookmark” and name it whatever you would like.

3)For the bookmark address copy and paste this:


This is a javascript code to load a .css widening your .swf window. The easiest way to copy it is to tripple click within the scroll window and press ctrl + c

4) Once you are done click Add. You will see your new bookmark on the bar

5) Now go back to your Robot Unicorn Attack window, you might want to resize both windows so you can see this page as well unless you can memorize the rest but tabbing back and fourth works too

6)Click on your new bookmark that you made, you will notice the page widens

7) Activate Firebug by clicking the icon, going to add ons, or by pressing F12

8 ) Click the blue mouse arrow in the firebug tool bar, it is right above edit and to the right of the yellow bug icon.

9) Now mouse over the game box and click. You will notice the submenu has changed

10) Click on div#content on the menu bar now it will highlight it for you in the code. Make sure you hit the plus arrow or double click it so it is expanded.

11) Now look for div id=”flash container” and then expand it.

12) You will see height= and width= within this block of code. Click on the number for width and change it to 1800 and hit enter. You will notice robot unicorn has now filled the screen

13) Press the fire bug icon or F12 to get rid of the menu.

13) Adjust the screen zoom to your liking. This is done by holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel. You can also use the browser scroll bar to find the perfect position

At this point you can play the game with it widened, test it out, keep RUI open and move on to part two.

Part Two

1) Open Cheat Engine

2) Click the open process icon at the top left. It will probably be glowing green

3) Go to Plug-In Container and select it

4) Check the box for Enable Speed Hack

5) Enter a value lower than 1.0 | Most people go with 0.5

6) Press the apply button

7) Congratulations, time is now slowed down making your reaction time seem awesome.

Used in conjunction you will be able to see things much sooner than you usually would and have plenty of time to react.