Log into your router, if you are unsure how to do this, refer to the following:

1. Open command prompt, on newer systems this can be done by typing in “cmd” in the search box of the start bar.

2. Once it’s open type “ipconfig” without the quotes. Look for your Default Gateway. This will be the address to your router.

3. Open your internet browser and type in the address. Example

4. Log in. If you’re unsure what your user name and password are, google the type of router you have. Linksys default is Admin and Admin for both fields. NETGEAR’s is adminf or the login and password for the password.

Once you’re logged in, find your port forwarding tab. In Linksys it will be under Applications and Gaming. You’re going to want to foward port ranges.

The IP address will be the address if your xbox on your network. You can find this by going to your system settings tab, then to your network settings.  Usually your router will have the first 3 spaces filled and you only need the last set of digits. If your default gateway is your addresses will usually look like, whereas the last integer will be the number you will want to remember. Sometimes your router will change these, so it’s best to set it as a static IP on your network to one you know won’t interfere with computers. If you’re unsure how to do this, don’t worry about it, just check to ensure it’s correct every time you restart your router.

1. The first range to forward will be 87 to 89.  Forward it to your Xbox’s IP.

2. The second range is 3073 to 3075. Forward these to your Xbox’s IP as well.

That’s it. This will allow for faster gaming and less chat errors.

What is port forwarding?
Port forwarding means that your router will forward any requests on these specific ports to the location on the network that you have specified (IP Address) Forwarding these ports will give your xbox direct access to them which can decrease lag, and moderate to strict NAT ratings to be Open. If the IP of your Xbox changes, you will need to change it in the router settings since data will be forwarded to the wrong address, causing connection difficulties.