In order to do this, you will need a smart phone that has 3g or higher internet and a data package. You may want to confirm you have unlimited data with your plan before doing this or additional charges may apply. In most cases, it is covered in your plan already.

The easiest way to do this is to turn your phone into a 3g hotspot but requires a wireless adapter for your Xbox (new Xboxes have these built in). In the Adoid OS, this will be under the main settings tab, then the Wireless & networks tab. Additionally you can set this feature to use a VPN’s internet as a hotspot

The more reliable way to achieve this is through a laptop or computer with dual network ports. First you will need a tethering application. My suggestion would be PDAnet found on Once you have PDAnet installed refer to the following.

1. Enable the connection from your smart phone to your computer

2. Plug an internet cable from your xbox into your laptop or #2 port on your computer

3. Go to your Windows control panel and into your networking settings

4. For laptops go to Local network connection and right click it. (PCs with dual ports will be local area connection 2) Go to properties

5. Highlight Internet protocol version 4 and click on the properties button.

6. In many cases automatic settings will work, so you can set it to auto for now or change it to make sure you don’t have to come back later

6a. The manual IP settings for this would be If it’s already set to a similar manual setting you shouldn’t need to change it.
6b. The manual subnet mask is
6c. Leave default gateway and SNS settings blank. If you’re troubleshooting DNS  issues use and

7. Press ok. then click the sharing tab on the top rightof the menu and make sure sharing is OFF

8. Close the properties tab and right click on the PDAnet internet connection and click the sharing tab.

9. You will want to enable sharing with Local Area Connection and the allow other network users to modify this internet.

10. Turn your xbox on and allow it to boot up.

11. Go into your network settings and make sure they are on automatic.

12. Test your connection, you are done.


if it doesn’t go back into PDAnets sharing properties

13. Click settings in the sharing tab and click the box next to Xbox  to make sure there is a check mark in it.

14. If Xbox isn’t there click Add. Set the description whatever you would like.

15. Set the IP(the same manual IP you set earlier, if it’s on auto you will need to set it to manual) Example:

16. Enter 3074 as the external and internal port address and select UDP

17. Retry connecting. If it doesn’t work now, you must have accidentally made an error while setting this up, go back and start over.