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Item Modifier

All of the information in this write up has not been tested. However, making items has been, but is not permanent. The other containing information will be how to make them permanent, but remains untested.

To temporarily change an item you must know the desired item’s hex code, as well as the original item’s hex code.

http://snowfox.biz/item.htm has all Ep. 1 and 2 items. It will be updated shortly to include Ep. 4 item digits.

Once you know the initial item hex value, go into your memory editor, select scan type to array of bytes, and scan. Go into an area and scan for the same bytes. Go back and scan again. Keep doing so until your results are below 85. Some items are impossible to narrow down enough, so try something different. Photon drop and slicer of assassin work great.

Once you have narrowed it down to about 80, go into your settings on CE and set addresses to show to 85.

Hold shift, select all addresses, then click the arrow. It will add all of them to your code list. Now do the same to your code list. Hold shift, select all of them, right click, select change record, go to value, and enter the hex for the desired item. It should change the item until you sign off.

Now, to get started on theories on how to save (this one has never been tested): Go into your bank. Have 2 items you know the digits of in there. Put the selector over one of them and run a scan, then put the selector over the next item and scan next for its digits. You should have just found the cursor data.

Next, deposit an item you just created using the first method. Put the cursor over it, watch the value on the address you just found, and see if it is the correct data or if it’s still the original. If it is not correct, freeze address and change it to the item you want it to be. If it reads as the item you want it to be this method will not work.

Now, create 2 items from the very top method that can be used on each other. For example: Lavis Cannon and Syncestra. Use the Syncestra on the Lavis cannon. Deposit the Lavis Blades into the bank and find the cursor address. See if it’s the Lavis Blades address. If it is not, change the address to it while the value is frozen. This may make the item physical. If not, oh well.

Now for my last theory, which SHOULD work, but I have not tested it.


Have an item there from the item 1 category. It has to be real. Now, find a different item in your inventory and turn it into the item to be used on the first item. (Use stat mod to meet your level and mst/atp/whatever requirements) Equip the actual item, and then use the sub item on it. It SHOULD forever alter the item because the item you will use will disappear. What it is really doing is altering the base item. Now, if you turn a photon drop into a Lavis Cannon, a slicer into a Syncestra and use the Syncestra, it is the equivalent of using a Syncestra on a photon drop. Nothing will happen. It will appear that it had happened on your screen, but since the item is still a photon drop, the server will not read it. But, if you actually have the base item, the server SHOULD apply the correct changes. This is most likely how that eve person got the advanced form of Heaven’s Punisher or whatever.

For additional information, see link below: