The Dark Syndicate(snowfox.biz) is not associated or connected to the Sega Corporation, or Sonic Team in any way, shape, or form. Phantasy Star Online is a registered trademark of the Sega Corporation. All exploits mentioned within these containing files have not been tested by the staff of the Dark Syndicate. All values are purely theoretical. By cheating on this game, you break the ToS and EULA set by the Sega Corporation, and can be banned. All screen shots of the character Snowfox have been taken by an anonymous person using the name Snowfox, using these specific instructions. Snowfox, nor Gamma have actually used this program themselves. You use at your own risk.

Unique NPCs

The information in this was not planned to be released for at least a week. However, nugz released a version of it in which he included wrong information (info only pertaining to his character only) and a lot of confusion. Many, many people couldn’t get it to work and asked the staff to confirm that it was real. Well, technically, no. Someone without knowledge or even some skills would not be able to get it to work, so the information in this will be correct and easy to use.

First, open your memory editor and bypass GameGuard (at your own risk. It is illegal). Now go into the scan options. Set it to text. Yes you need to set it to text people! (This is why half of you couldn’t get name change to work!) Now make sure case sensitive and Unicode are checked.

Next, go into PSO and make a new HUmar character with a normal name. No numbers or symbols. (Btw nugz, 02 03 52 is ONLY PERTAINING TO HUMARS, its 02 03 85 for FOmar, and different for every class)

Go into a lobby with at least 2 people in it, and search your name in text with Unicode. About 20-40 results should come up. Change your cursor over to team name, or blank in PSO instead of your character name. Then hit next scan. It will narrow it down by a few.

Add all of these new addresses to your code list. Only ONE (yes nugz, ONE, not multiple) of these addresses is the one you need to edit. However, explaining how to find it would confuse the hell out of most people, so what you need to do is first right click the first one and browse memory region. Scroll up. There would be a series of FF FF FF FF 00. The 00 is where you input the NPC you want. The Ep. 4 NPCs will be posted later. I don’t know them off hand.

00=Ninja 01=Rico 02=Sonic 03=Knuckles 04=Tails 05=Flowen 06=Elly

Now look carefully at the 5 lines above the name. Is there a 03 25 anywhere? What about just a 03? Make it read as 02 03 25. Repeat this on every address found that has your name for the value. You must change the 00 in front of the 03 to 02 or it will NOT work. You must also change the 00 after the series of FF’s to the desired NPC also, or you will become the ninja. You may also change the color of your name by going to the next line up and start 09 00 45 00 09 00 (name begins) 47 3X (x being the color 1=blue 2=red 3=cyan so on and so forth). That’s all there is to it. No confusion, no bs. Once you have edited all of the addresses that you can, go to the lobby teleport and reload yourself. You should appear as the NPC (name should take effect immediately. You won’t have to reload for that). The name and NPC is temporary, and will only show in games. Enjoy, and remember, cheating on video games is wrong! This is just to help people with hex (it hasn’t been tested by any of the staff).

~snowfox.biz/The Dark Syndicate

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