The following 2 rar files contain the necessary modified files to translate menus, Client Orders, Matter Board, Arks Road, Enemy Names, and Room Functions. It is fully compatible with the current full version of the game (Episode 2). You must re-install the translation patch/files after each game update.  Please ensure you have the latest version of the patch before each install.

Main Translator:
Updated 12/4/2013 

Optional Translated files:
Updated 11/14/2013


The main translator contains all necessary parts to run the game with essential game functions in English

The optional files contain all remaining files that have been translated so far. The game is constantly updated, as are these files.

7/18 version is up to date and will work with the 7/24 update.



1) Check the notes section on this page

2) Download the .rar file and open it.

3) Go into C:\Program Files\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 \pso2_bin\data\win32 (unless you specifically saved it elsewhere)  and move and replace the files from the .rar to this folder. (It is always a good idea to back up original files.)

4) Launch the Beta client and go online. Voila! Most text has been translated.

Provision 1) In order to update with the newer file, you must re-download and follow steps 1-3 again. Make sure your browser has not cached the earlier file. The easiest way to do this is to right click and save the link/target as, and save it under a different name onto your computer.


  • Translators are updated frequently as most are works in progress. Check back occasionally to see if an update has been released
  • You will need Win-Rar to open this file.
  • We are NOT affiliated with Sega in any way. Use at your own risk.

Credit goes to Agrajag for this patch