The Dark syndicate began in 2003 when Foxline merged with Syn. All dreamcast content forums were purged to pave way for the new Xbox PSO orientated site. The Dark syndicate has always been against harmful modding and has never released any cheats or patches that could be made to harm other users, in fact members of this site have gone up against people trying to ruin the game in the past. We believe in free modding as long as it doesn't harm the game play of others.

We have always taken precautions to protect the legitimate users of the game. For example, our Unique NPC files were modified in such a way that the end user could not take those characters into games and interfere with players leveling.

In Blue Burst, information pertaining to modifying the game was only released and supported during the Beta phase of the game. After the game went into mainstream production any content updates regarding the game were not released. Once Game Guard activated its first patch we kept further bypass methods off the site.

Unfortunately there has always been people using the name Snowfox attempting to scare people or gain attention. These fakes are the reason our site is associated with malicious activity. If one of these imposters has caused you or someone you know any trouble, you have our apologies.

The Dark Syndicate will not be updated to support Phantasy Star Universe mods. Not today, not ever. Sorry for the inconvenience



The site is under new management


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Phantasy Star Online is legal copyrighted property of Sega Sammy Holdings. No data directly from the disc should EVER be uploaded to any website. (xbe, so on and so fourth)