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[PSO2 Content has been added. Click here to view]

Hello, and welcome to the new site. It has been nearly 4 years since the Phantasy Star section has received an update or overhaul and we are proud to announce some new changes.

The first and most notable change is the addition of a Phantasy Star Online 2 section. As of right now the main page of this section has a video list, but will be migrated to videos as soon as the dust settles. New videos are constantly being uploaded by alpha testers and we will try our best to keep up with it, therefore the PSO2 section of the page will be constantly changing with new content being added daily.

A secondary change will be the addition of a general information section which will be more related to network functions such as changing your ip address, preventing script kiddies who paid for shell booters from hitting your internet, and proper setup for optimal Xbox Live gaming.

We also have some Facebook flash game mods to add. Stay tuned.


Currently, you can visit the web 2.0 version of our site at