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Welcome to the Xbox Section of the redesigned site. It is advised that you use a retail copy of the game. Pirating games is illegal and is not condoned by this site.

You will need the  ability to install games to your hard drive for any of this content to work. We do not offer any console modding support so you will need to refer elsewhere if you are unable to use these.

Patches relating to the online mode of the game or blue burst have been removed since they are no longer functional. If for some reason you would like one of the patches we removed please contact us.

The Unique NPC file has been removed since it had online limitations. Please refer to the Data Table if you would like to create an NPC. The key is as follows 00=Ninja 01=Rico 02=Sonic 03=Knuckles 04=Tails 05=Flowen 06=Elly.

We would like to upload the Sonic Quest for people to play but unfortunately doing so would violate the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. It is arguable that it would fall under the preservation clause but we will not do so unless we have SEGA's permission. You may contact SEGA if you would like to challenge this decision.


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Phantasy Star Online is legal copyrighted property of Sega Sammy Holdings. No data directly from the disc should EVER be uploaded to any website. (xbe, so on and so fourth)